Call for Papers: IJSSS Special Issue - The Inter-Dynamics Pertaining Towards the Future of Covid-19: Socio-Economic Implications

Proposal for a Special Issue

Special Issue Title

The Inter-Dynamics Pertaining Towards the Future of Covid-19: Socio-Economic Implications

Guest Editor(s)
Dr. Periyasami Anbarasan, MPhil., PhD
Phone: 9486500360

Reasons for the Proposal

The novel coronavirus Sars Cov-2 challenged the modern civilised global community. History records such events in human evolution, and the reasons could be many factors such as population explosion, consumption mode, culture and geography. In the early stage, the covid-19 was identified as a contagious disease, and very soon, the pandemic impacted the socio-economic, political, religious and financial structures (Kaberia & Muathe, 2021). The high spread rate of covid-19 affected millions of people. It caused respiratory illness requiring more intensive care units (Kamal et al., 2021), challenging the traditional public health policy approach. These covid-19 complications are due to its dimensions; the disease seriously affects not only the everyday life of people but also the supply chain and operations across the borders (Pérez Vergara et al., 2021). Although public policy and governance mechanisms effectively contain viral circulation, an empirical study by Anbarasan & Sushil (2021) shows situationality and trends.

Similarly, Fontanet & Cauchemez (2020) says that non-pharmaceutical interventions such as maintaining social distancing, hand hygiene, and face mask have significantly helped contain viral circulation during autumn and winter. Asia used strict tracking tools and traffic surveillance policies to control the pandemic situation; however, this is not the case in every region (Vieira de Jesus et al., 2020). Such an uncontrolled pandemic shakes global health and the economy (Thanh, 2021). Such scientific discussion on Covid-19 shows the need for strategic change and the need for future dynamics of Covid-19.


Topics To Be Covered

This special issue seeks to provide inter-dynamic perspectives on the Covid-19 pandemic situation and the future directions. Scholars and academicians widely analyse the macro-scenario of covid-19, and the scientific discussion continues. However, the inter-dynamics such as social stigma, CSR role, public policy analysis and the themes discussed below are considered critical factors for future dynamics of covid-19. This special issue extends from the socio-economic aspect to inter-dynamic factors that are mentioned as themes, such as

1. The social stigma that is attached to the pandemic situation

2. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) toward the covid-19 pandemic situation

3. Sustainable health waste management

4. Strategic change toward public policy and public engagement in disaster management

5. Causal reasoning of factors related to Covid-19

6. Cultural aspect involved

7. Socio-political scenario

8. Public health policy analysis in coivd19

9. The philosophical interrogation of Covid-19 (Buddhist thought, Gandhian thought and

Confucius ideology)

10. The role of traditional and community medicines.


Review Papers Solicited

Anbarasan, P., & Sushil. (2021). Watch and progress strategy: a case study approach of India's Covid19 pandemic situation. International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 7(3), 257-274.

Bagcchi, S. (2020). Stigma during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Lancet Infectious Diseases, 20(7), 782.

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Bargain, O., & Aminjonov, U. (2020). Trust and compliance to public health policies in times of COVID-19. Journal of public economics, 192, 104316.


Key Feature of Special Issue

*Future dynamics of Covid-19

*Inter-dynamic factors that are contributing to the policy analysis


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Important Dates (Tentative)

Submission Open 22-11-2022

Submission Deadline 30-07-2023


Short Bio of Guest Editor(s)

Dr. Periyasami Anbarasan is completed his PhD from the Department of Management Studies at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D). He pursued his MPhil in Planning and Development from IIT Bombay, Masters in Politics and International Relations from Pondicherry Central University and Bachelor of Arts in History from Loyola College Chennai. His research interests are sustainable enterprise, strategy and sustainable development. He is an editorial board member of the International Journal of Social Science Studies and a member of the Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management (GIFT) society. Currently he is doing MBA specialization in marketing from Pondicherry central university DDE.